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> I'm not this person

> Io NON sono questo Landi Gjoni "Il capo degli ultrą neonazisti e xenofobi di Varese" - Landi e Gjoni sono popolari nomi e cognomi in Albania

> Une NUK jam ky Landi Gjoni "kreu i ekstremistėve neo-naziste"

In brief:
  • Born and raised in Albania, now living in USA.
  • Married, father of three kids (see below).
  • Make a living online.

Erik and Nickolaus Gjoni
^ Two of my three sons: Nick and Erik Gjoni
Aleks Gjoni
Aleks Gjoni
Landi, Erik and Nickolaus Gjoni


The name Landi, as given to me, is an Albanian one and it comes from an Illyrian tribe named Taulanti--lots of years BCE. Taulant is still a fairly used name in Albania, and every Taulant is usually called Landi. My parents decided to make it easier for everyone and named me Landi from the start.

The Landi name, along with it's related names, like Roland /o, Orlando, Landis etc is thought to have come from German; meaning land, country, place.

They are at least 1,843 families with the last name "Landi" in the USA, I have gotten emails from other "Landi" in Brazil, South Africa, Argentina and definitely from Italy. They are many Landis as well in USA

sites I visit:
Top Channel
Gazeta Express

If you really have to e-mail me use Landi@ [this domain] or or use this form.